Sunday, March 13, 2011

Love Birds Shower

If I could entertain every day, I would!  I thoroughly delight in opening up my home to the enjoyment of friends and family.  This is going to be my first of many posts under my entertaining catagory.  My hope is to share practical ideas on making the most of your home.

Parties...I am a party planner at heart!  I love every aspect of them.  I actually take joy in planning the menu, the decorations, the events of the day, the invites, it is all so, well, entertaining to me!  Any excuse I can think of to host a gathering completely excites me.  It can be as simple as chatting with a friend over coffee, or an elaborate affair.  My desire is that people will feel special and welcome when they come to my house.  I look forward to sharing thoughts on how to create a warm inviting atmosphere in your home, whatever the occasion may be.

My mother in law also loves to entertain, we enjoy talking about and planning parties together. This past weekend I helped her throw a bridal shower at her home for our soon to be a newest family member. Our theme for this bridal shower was "Love Birds", you know, every good shower needs a theme!  Below are some pictures to give you ideas for when you are planning your special event.

Going with the love bird theme origami birds were hung from light fixtures.

The colors were chosen based on the centerpiece, a "wedding cake" made from the towels & shower curtain the bride registered for.  To add a little "sparkle" the cake was adorned with glittery bath accessories and organza ribbon.  My mother in law did a wonderful job creating this, and we both agreed it was her most stunning cake yet!

Silver, white and lots of crystal helped create an elegant setting.  Most of the serving pieces are my mother in laws, collected over the years from garage sales, antique stores, recieved as gifts or borrowed from friends.  Keep an eye out for fun and unique pieces as you shop, glass serving ware pop up in unlikely places and are sometimes inexpensive.  Also, don't be afraid to ask your friends to borrow certain items that would add to your spread.  If they are like me, they would love to assist in your special event in any way they can.

 Be sure to bring the shower theme into each room.  With the love birds we had more birds hanging and birds nests placed throughout.  Candles always warm up the look, and make the occasion feel special.

Our menu was brunch food, most of it baked the day before, by 3 different people to spread the work out.


Coffee, Water with lemon & Orange juice punch

Three different quiches, including one without a crust (gluten free yay!)

Baked cherry french toast

Three berry scones (regular & gluten free) served with cherry butter

Fresh fruit skewers

Heart shaped sugar cookies with silver sprinkles

Lemon bars with a pecan meal crust

Crunchy chocolate peanut butter balls

Lemon cake balls (Provided by Truffles*)

Truffles is a baking business started by two close friends of mine, yay Dana & Haley!!  I just love that they turned their passion to bake into a job they truly enjoy.  They provide "sweet treats for all your special events".  Truffles treats are so yummy, and include many flavors of cake balls (we got lemon with white chocolate, and for the favors had york peppermint dipped in dark chocolate), specialty cupcakes & cakes.  For orders or questions please email, or find Truffles on Facebook.

Lastly, I want to encourage you to really enjoy hosting your event.  Do as much as you can do the day before so you can enjoy your friends or family on the day of, and don't be afraid to ask others to lend a hand.  I look forward to posting many more ideas on simple entertaining.

Emma (my 8 month old daughter) and I all ready for the party to start!


  1. yay for peanut butter balls! :) I really LOVE entertaining also! Its so much fun and the planning is even better! You and your mother-in-law did an amazing job! Everything looks so elegant!- Ashlee

  2. Hey Ashlee! I actually have to finish this post, and add the recipe to the pb balls...of course giving you the credit for introducing me to those wonderful treats (you gave me the first recipe last year)....LOVE THEM! I had the shower post all finished, but for some reason I didn't save it so only 2/3 got posted, so a few more pics to come :)

  3. Thanks for posting Amber. It looks beautiful! Kim

  4. WOW Amber! This is AWESOME!! Love the pics! You're a great party planner!

    Jess Dockham :)


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