Tuesday, December 9, 2014

The Beginning

This is part of the Simply Christianity Series, if you missed the intro, check it out here. 

We are going to start where every good story does, the beginning.  

The Christian Faith holds to the belief that the universe, world & all the species inhabiting it were created in 6 days, by God.  If there is creation, there must be a creator. I wholeheartedly believe this and I believe it was a literal 6 days. 

You can read the biblical account in Genesis chapter 1 & 2.

Day-1 God spoke & created Light & Dark, He separated Morning & Evening
Day-2 He Separated the waters of heaven & earth with the sky.
Day-3 Created dry ground & separated the waters on the earth & called them the seas. Created all plants & trees.
Day-4 Created the Sun, moon & stars.
Day-5 Created Sea life & birds.
Day-6 Created all land animals, wild animals, livestock & small animals. Formed the first man & woman. And he saw all that He had made was good.
Day-7 God rested from working. 

While there is so much I could talk about in the creation story the focus of our study is on God's relationship with us.  A few things I wanted to point out:

-When God created humanity He designed them in His image.  He says "Let us make Human beings in our image, to be like us..." Gen 1:26

- Take a look at the phrases "Let us" & "Our image".  Our God is 3 parts: Father, Son& Spirit. (Think about the molecule H2O in it's liquid state it is water, solid-ice, gas-steam, it has different forms but is still H2O ) He was speaking to and of all parts of himself.

- All 3 parts of God were present in Creation. God the Father spoke the Word (Jesus Christ is that Word) and the Holy Spirit moved.

God is a creative being and he gets pleasure by creating. The Creator made this spectacular, perfect world and he wanted someone to enjoy it and take care of it and it gave Him pleasure to have someone to have a genuine relationship with. Colossians 1:16 says "All things were created by Him & For Him." He did not create us for ourselves, he created us for himself, because He wanted to.  He didn't need us, but He wanted us.  And we get this amazing privilege of doing life with The Creator & by walking with Him we find our true purpose.

So, God created man & woman to be like Him and to live a life of love, for God himself is love.  He made humanity in right relationship with himself.  They could talk with The Lord because they were not tainted, they walked with God with no shame and no condemnation and they were lovely because He loved them.  There was no question about it, they knew Him and lived in the Love of God. This is how he made us & how it is supposed to be. 

God created humans with a spot in our hearts that long for that beautiful relationship with Him.  Knowing about him, doing things for him, following rules to try to please him will not fill that spot. Only knowing Him & being with Him will satisfy our souls.

In the beginning all that God made was good and lovely and the world was perfect. 

Next in this series we'll go over THE FALL -So... What happened? 


Read the Jesus Storybook Bible pages 18-27

Why was creation and Adam & Eve "lovely"?
What did God want people to share with Him?

In the Bible, read John 1:1-10 & vs 14

Who is the "Word"? 
Who gave life to everything that was created? 
What was the Word full of? 

Read 1 John 4:16

God is ________? 

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